Idenfit provides the quickest and best way to manage your workforce and operations from an unified smart platform.

Idenfit is a cloud based web and mobile platform that let’s you control your workforce and human resources with less efford.

Modular form of the platform gives you opportunity to select and benefit as you need.

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Idenfit offers it’s priviliged customers a great way to manage their workforce and operations in a unified smart platform.

SMEs, small to medium size companies fits perfectly to Idenfit’s target profile.

Many global retail chain stores uses Idenfit to manage their workforce.

Their return on investment starts from the first month.

Join​ the​ beloved group​ of​ our​ customers​
who​ have​ benefited​ and increased
efficiency with Idenfit modules.

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Idenfit can recognize people from various
methods such as biometric, rfid and optical.
Most of the market player hardwares can be
easly integrated into our platform if not done

fingerprint recognition

face recognition

gps location

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Idenfit is a cloud platform lets you identify, track and
manage your workforce easy and secure. You can
manage anytime and anywhere you like. Cloud platform
lets you have freedom to see all your system online.

Idenfit platform is safely hosted by Google Cloud.

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let your hr fly with us

Idenfit HR saves all the data you get from
the employee workflow, then helps you use it
to make great things. Whether you’re onboarding,
training, scoring or paying, Idenfit gives you the info
and insights to best take care of your most
important asset your people.

Learn how Idenfit HR solutions help your human
resources face with problems and solve them


First class regulations and standarts are default
at idenfit platform. All products and processes are
controlled and checked by Iso standarts.

Our solutions are made for best of it’s class.
Smart engineers dedicated developing the great
platform in the market.

Technologies used in Idenfit
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Your company is a great business if only
the people believe your mission, those who
enjoy working. People who love your brand
will make themself and customers happy.

Employee experince is the total value of the
company for an employee. To have a excellent
customer experience first you should create a
perfect employee experience.

Idenfit modules helps to create it.

What makes us so great?

Your demands and our hard try made us best in class
We always welcome your requirements
And we usually say

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Idenfit provide it’s services at 10
countries. There are 5 branch offices
around the globe.

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