task and staff

It is a cloud-based control module where tasks
are evaluated with flexible question types and
scoring or yes-no answers.

With the audit module you can check the quality
of the work or service and make improvements.

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It is a module where managers can assign authority to their
personnel over the web, manage personnel information, and
define audit rules flexibly.

Control rules can be supported by attachments such as photos,
videos, audio, and so on.

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mobile application

Personnel can view custom created audit tasks through the
mobile application. They can also see other tasks they can
undertake from the general checklist.

Personnel can follow the audit plan through
the calendar.

Managers can communicate with their staff
through the message area.

Tasks created for solving problems in the field
as a result of unexpected events are listed in
this field.

It is the area where all the past duties of the
personnel are recorded.

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routine tasks

These are the audits that should be repeated at certain intervals.

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continuous tasks

Manager can create controls without specifying the
duration or interval.

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instant tasks

It is a non-routine, instantaneous control type.

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Flexible inspection reports can be obtained with special
filtering feature.

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