Idenfit hardware integrations are no like others.
Plug and play identification devices immediatly
and start working day one.

                    identification types; with finger print, with face recognition, with RFID, with bluetooth, with QR code.

know people
fast and secure

Any identification way is possible with Idenfit.
Biometric, rfid or other identification methods
can be used to define your people.
Fast enrollment and quick check in is default at Idenfit.

Brands we work with; Suprema, Impinjy, HID.


Idenfit can connect almost any device with any brand
in the market. Smart connection framework makes it
easy to get started. Major device brands fully integrated
with Idenfit. It is very simple to connect devices to Idenfit.

User experience is amazing with brand agnostic form.

Our solution; Biometric, RFID, Optic, Mobile

core platform

Idenfit architecture is specially designed to get
connected with multiple devices real time.
Brand-free and flexible structure let you connect
your already purchased devices to the platform.
Device communcation core and health check services
are very well designed and engineered.

GSM powered biometric and rfid readers device

cable free

GSM powered biometric and rfid readers directly
communicating with the Idenfit servers. This technology
saves lots of time and work. Be free and do not deal with
cables and local servers.

RAIN RFID readers

real time
location tracking

Follow your assets or people anytime anywhere. Track
them moving and be notified in some cases. RAIN Rfid
readers can track people in real time. You can see your
staff in the company online and know who is where and
when easily.

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