human resources

Focus on your business not HR. Smart
HR modules give you freedom to spent
less time with employee operations.



Idenfit hr module is a cloud platform lets you
manage all your employees and teams in a
user friendly design and automated services.
Advanced hr modules are created by hr

Employee information is entered once and
automatically populated across all modules.
Data is proactive, notifying you to the potential
compliance problems that may happen.


mobile application

Idenfit with HR module; managers can easily access and
manage the personnel, embezzlement, performance,
training and document information of all personnel.

Personnel can access and follow all their information
with hr module.

human resources data icon

hr data

Manage all your detailed data such as
EEO information, hire date, status change
dates, next review dates, job titles, supervisors,
work location and much more. Search employees
on board and manage their information anytime
and anywhere.

 onboarding icon


Onboarding new employee needs customizable
series of events. Right onboarding makes operations smooth and increase employee experience.

training icon


Manage your training data in one module.
Organize everything, your employee needs
compliance, certifications, qualifications, exams
and scores and licensing data in a database.

assets icon


Track which inventory was given to each
employee including when it was assigned
and it's condition at that time.

documents icon


Upload all scanned documents, operating
guides, employee handbooks, and training
materials in to the documents module, use
or share any pdf or file any time you need.

papers icon


Upload diplomas, certificates, driving licenses,
id badges, termination paperwork, letters,
contracts, complience forms and every paper
employee completed directly into their folder.

talents icon


Invest and plan your employee future with
Talents module. Be sure your human resources
abilities and capabilities. Plan their career road
map with correct talent detection. Attract, retain
and motivate.

performance icon


Have a 360-degree, continuous information and
rate employees with customized performance
evaluation methods. Award the good staff.
Recognize hard workers and less workers from
the team.

cost icon


Calculate the cost of employees to your
organisation immediatly. Know their over
time and bonus cost in one place. Compare
per week and monthly.

benefits & perks icon

benefits & perks

Award your employee with upper class company
car, bonus pay, movie tickets or gym club
membership. Plan and manage from a single source
when you need rewarding module.

expenses icon


Know easy and fast the expenses in real
time. Let your employee take photo of the
receipts and share with you via Expenses
module. Every expense such as lunch,
mileage, business purchases and more can
be submitted and saved.

health icon


Track employee medical information such as
allergies, medications, habits, sleeping periods
and therapies.

messages icon


Communicate with your team via mass email,
text messaging and much more. Any interactions
with employee during the years can be kept in
messages history. Warnings or special requests
can be taken and followed with messages module.

notes icon


Save the detailed record of private and public
notes into employee profiles. Special notes need
to be taken per employee may be helpful for the
future cases.

feedback icon


Create survey forms in a minute. Learn people’s
ideas about anthing even a new company rule
or future training programme. The employee ideas
are very important and need to be listened.

off boarding icon

off boarding

Automate the actions and procedures during an
employee leaving the company. The faster the
better. Let all the departments and people get
informed and complete the proccesses immediatly.

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