super flexible

Absence management that fits every company.

Let us customize the leaves you need for your company: sickness, duty out or valentines day. We support umlimited leave accrual and vacation carryover policies.

From first request to final approval, everything is handled in one software with just a few clicks.

holiday icon

holiday management

Idenfit holiday structure is smart and flexible at the
same time. You can manage the public holidays and
private holidays for the company and for the each
indivual at the same time. Google integrated holiday
module is very talented.

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paid & unpaid leave

Calculate your cost net ! Never pay less or more for the
paid-unpaid absences. Idenfit leave module can guide
you to do less mistakes or none while calculating monthly

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leave calendar

Idenfit Leave Calendar is very user friendly. You can
add, delete or edit any leave days in seconds. Annual
calendar let you see all days at one screen. All past
and future leaves can be seen and planned at one
page in smart colors.

leave management icon

authorized approvals

Our leave management solution allows employees
to request time off from assigned manager or managers.
After all leave confirmations, idenfit automatically send
leave information email and pdf files to all relevant managers.

level policies icon

leave policies

Create unlimited leave types with very flexible and detailed
parameters. Gender, age, position and many more policies
can be configured to create a leave type. With the best designed
leave configurator you can assign very precise leave types.

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