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Idenfit cloud platform have a modular structure.
Each module can work seperately and work as
a integrated suite easlily.

Modular workforce solutions just fits your HR

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Idenfit platform gives you easy identification,
tracking and managing your workforce. Your
most important operation HR needs a modular
tool to be more efficient. People and operations
can be managed with fun at Idenfit.


human capital management
human resources icon


Manage hr processes very fast and provide
employee self service capabilities so you
can more efficiently operate onboarding,
benefits administration, and trainings.
Make a great experience for both you and
your employees.

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Idenfit is a payroll ready platform. Most
of the payroll softwares in the market
have integrated already. Realtime data
exchange is avaliable at Idenfit Payroll

workforce management
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Time management is always a big topic
during the calculation of the labor costs.
Mobile and multi model time punching
methods let you be sure about the working
times. You can manage the overtimes and
approvals real quick.

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Control absence costs with smart solutions
that helps to manage vacation time,
sick time, late arrivals and complex leave laws.
Keep the cost of absence low and employee
productivity high. Idenfit Leave helps reduce
time-taking operational tasks and stay compliant
at the same time.

calendar icon


Plan your perfect employee schedules in
seconds. Idenfit smart scheduling module
powered by AI lets you to eliminate manual
processes. Also help you to be sure for optimal
workforce coverage for every shift. Clear workforce forecasting help you to gain the insight and let you
predict better staff requirements. See employee availability online, set budgets and make sure you
never go over budget.

security icon


Security workforce tour and task management
is important to be online. Guards need to be
tracked and be in communication realtime to
avoid attacks or safer envoirement.

phone icon


Workforce team members need a platform and
modules to keep in touch with each other. Secure
and private application will let them safe and secure. Idenfit Push to talk module perfectly supports this.

id & access management
finger print icon


Identify the people and the assets in your
organisation quickly and secure. Biometric,
rfid and optic identities can be assigned to
the people. Make sure your employee is really
at the right place right time.

canteen icon


Canteen data collection and management needs
a perfect integration with time and leave management
in an organisation. To save canteen costs you need
a solid module to manage canteen rights easly.

access icon


Security is always important while accessing
buildings or rooms. Idenfit Access control
module lets you plan time zones and access
levels very fast and safe. Get ready for modern
access management with Idenfit Access.

barkod icon


Organisations have lots of assets and it is not
easy to manage them manually. Many laptops,
tablets and phones in the company need to be
saved in the database and managed correctly
to avoid high maintance cost or lost cases.

car icon


Company or employee cars should be tracked
and managed carefully. Access and parking
rights need to be operated right. Idenfit Vehicle
module is a perfect solution to manage car and
access information.

visitor card icon


Manage the visitors in detail. Plan their meeting
hours, rooms and doors authorisations. Report
whom they visited and how long. Create black list
and white list in a second and be safer with Idenfit
Visitor module.

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