Don’t get lost between spendings!

Don’t get lost between spendings!

With the expenses module,

  • You can capture expenses in real-time from your admin profile.
  • Employees can upload the expenses by taking a photo of the bill (if they have) that they did out of the company.
  • This module can assign the manager for expenses if the employee needs consent.
  • With multiple filtering features, the desired expenditure can be found on the system without losing time.
  • Manage your expenses and expenditures with Idenfit.

Manage the expenses in a real-time from mobile!

Don't postpone adding the expenses and manage them on the mobile easily.

  • You can manage the expenses on the mobile in different categories with pictures and information.
  • İstenilen harcama tipine ve bilgisine mobil üzerinden ulaşılabilir.
  • Reach the information about expenses type and info from the mobile.
Harcamaları mobilden anlık yönetin
Harcamaları, avans ve harcırahtan ayrı ayrı düşün

Separate the advance and subsistence from expenses

Categorizing the expenses by the source of payment helps you to become more systematic. Because of the expenses type and list are separated, you can see them noncomplex.

Also, you can determine the subsistence for your employees and they can use it. Use the advance part to help payroll preparation which provides information on the amount of the advances.