The new generation security tour control system: Guard

The new generation security tour control system: Guard

With the Idenfit security tour control system, managers can see which staff is on which tour, missing laps, unfinished laps in real time. Thus, they can be aware of all the events in the field, follow and manage the events instantly.

Managers can create unlimited and detailed tours in the system, add as many employees as they want, and follow up general employees. Entry-exit records and working schedule can be viewed on the monitor screen, where all flows can be monitored instantly.

You have security control with Guard!

Idenfit security tour control system, which is designed as both software and hardware to produce solutions specific to the security sector, is an intelligent security tracking system that allows to control the security points that need to be checked continuously.

Guard mobile application

Guard mobile application

With the Guard mobile application, employees can access tour and location information, report stations they control, and report incidents to managers in emergencies. They can receive reminder notifications about previously scheduled tours.

  • It is designed in such a way that employees can instantly report the emergencies encountered by photographs, videos and sound recordings.
  • Radio groups can be created with the push-to-talk feature and radio conversations can be recorded.

Advanced Reporting

Completed patrols and tour controls can be displayed in the menu according to the desired category, under “patrol reports”, “incident reports”, “statistical reports” and more and can be printed as reports.

In addition, employees can report all problems they experience during patrol in real time under video, audio message or video.

Advanced Reporting
Fully integrated software with many brands of devices

Fully integrated software with many brands of devices

The Idenfit security tour control system is fully integrated with existing hardware or devices on the market with the latest technologies.

The Guard allows the staff to report on-site problems such as intrusion, theft, and fire instantly, either visually or audibly, while on patrol.

  • Instant tracking screen
  • Advanced management panel
  • New web interface
  • Cloud Technology
  • Location detection with Wifi, Beacon, Gps, Qr code, Nfc
  • Enhanced push to talk feature
  • Real time photo, video and audio transmission
  • Real-time notifications
  • Mandown