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Why Idenfit in the tourism industry where all the
power comes from the human resources?

Human resources are considered one of the most important resources of the tourism and hospitality industry that is facing a HR crisis where the labor turnover rate is relatively higher than other industries. Recruiting follows up the turnover rate. Therefore HR departments have excessive workload. Idenfit cloud based, human resources and workforce management software brings a holistic approach to human resources processes and it helps you to review and manage hr processes all in one place.

Why Idenfit in the tourism industry where all the power comes from the human resources?

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The huge amount of workload in the HR departments in the tourism industry consists of hiring and recruiting. Idenfit’s automated solutions and easy to use dashboard allows your hr department to recruit, screen, track, hire, and complete employee verification of the best talents to build a more engaged and productive workforce.
Training and Development
Excessive amount of hiring brings training and development sessions along. Idenfit cloud-based employee training module helps you to plan, assign, track and score training courses based on the direct feedback of your employees and you can have instant insight about the efficiency of your training and development sessions.
Time and Attendance Management
Tourism and hospitality industries need to manage their workforce by many shifts. Idenfit helps you to plan your employees’ schedules in minutes and manage time off, availability and shift trade requests. You can track employee hours, avoid exceeding budgets and scheduling overtime, also reduce absenteeism and late arrivals, and handle unexpected changes without any pain. Idenfit time and attendance management module is a perfect choice for multi-location hotels, guest-houses or enterprises.
Guard and Audit
In the tourism industry safety & security issues and also task management are really important. Idenfit security tour control system, which is designed as both software and hardware to produce solutions specific to the security sector, is an intelligent security tracking system that allows to control the security points that need to be checked continuously. Idenfit Audit is also designed to control all task processes in real time to check if tasks are performed on-site and on time.