easy to manage

It is a cloud- based platform that you can
manage, monitor and report your workforce
with instant, routine and constinuous

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Managers can easily access personnel information, assign
authority and form a team on the web.

Authorities can also create tasks, categorize created tasks,
and define locations. All created tasks can be followed easily.

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mobile application

Through the mobile application, staff can view the general task
list assigned to their team and the tasks assigned to them. They
can also take part in the general list of tasks. In addition, they can
provide instant notifications in case of emergency via the app.

Personnel can see tasks specially created for him /
her or they can take from the general task list in a
historical and planned way in the calendar.

Managers can communicate with their staff through
the message area. Staff can communicate with each
other via the push to talk system.

It is the area where all the historical tasks of the
personnel are recorded.

Tasks created to solve problems caused by unexpected
events such as pipe explosion, fire and the like are listed
in this area.

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routine tasks

Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tasks
that need to be repeated periodically.

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continuous tasks

It is a type of task designed to enable the authorities to
use the workforce effectively and accurately. It is a type
of task that can be repeated continuously without a specific
start and end.

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instant tasks

It is the type of task that is created and assigned
instantaneously without continuity.

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Flexible reporting is created by creating special filters
based on category, location, team, task and personnel.

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