time and attendance

Be sure your employees are getting the correct amount for working night shifts, overtime or public holidays. Know real time all employees clock in and out data and make sure they are calculated correct.

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Identification of employees and keeping records of entry
and exit to work is a cloud-based system designed for.
Time management in Idenfit, away from traditional methods,
using the latest technologies, reducing manual interventions as
much as possible designed to flow on the system.

time management mobile application

mobile application

With Idenfit time management module; all of the managers staff
they can easily access and track time information. Staff of clock-in
clock-out information, leave information, shift, break and overtime
information can be controlled with one button. With the time management
module, employees can specify their work in and out of mobile, their shifts
and more control overtime.

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time sheet

Professional and calculated timesheets is built in the platform
as default. You can get an detailed look of employees’ attendance,
absences, overtime hours, missing hours and many more. You can
either manually correct or enter some clock in-out bookings.

Colors help you to understand very quick what is going on there.
Timesheet per employee or company is a great way of seeing
the habits of your team.

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shift calendar

Save time with Idenfit employee calendar module.
Manage employee schedules, shifts, and more with
Idenfit Time and calendar.

Calendar offers the perfect overview of shifts, over
times, missing hours immediatly on the calendar.

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breaks & rounding

Idenfit Time lets you create the break times as much as
you need. The breaks will be calculated as your company
policy. Calculations will be easier with Rounding. Do not lose
time with fractions.

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