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Why Idenfit in the energy industr
which has a strategic importance ?

Idenfit helps oil and gas, mining, and utility companies manage their most flexible and strategic assets that their employees. Idenfit software offers real-time visibility into labor, work in process, and digital equipment that energy companies can make better operational decisions in order to increase productivity, improve resource utilization and quality of the workforce.

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Why Idenfit in the energy industry which has a strategic importance?

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Law & Consultancy

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Industry & Automotive

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Logistic & Distribution

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Facility Management

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Retail Sector

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Food Sector

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Shift Planning
In the energy industry employees mostly have different shifts in which HR departments face more difficulties to plan HR functions such as leaves, time & attendance and shift management... Employee shift planning on Idenfit gives you all the insight you need to plan conflict-free shifts in minutes. Under a unified platform, you can keep track of the shifts and see all shift planning on a calendar with coloured and fun design. You can easily work around vacation days and unavailability, avoid schedule conflicts and prevent overtime while staying on budget.
Performance Appraisal
Energy industry has its own dynamic rules to follow and performance is one of them. You can easily monitor and manage your organization, team or individual performance to achieve your goals and competencies with Idenfit performance appraisal module. Idenfit performance appraisal allows users to measure the individual staff and team performance effectively with KPI and competences. Users can have an insight about their contribution on every objective as well as organizational level.
Time and Attendance Management
No matter the size of your business, Idenfit allows you to plan your employees' work schedules easily. Idenfit time and attendance management allows users to manage employees’ arrivals, shifts, leaves, overtime issues and banking holidays without a mess. Idenfit ensures you that the shifts are calculated correctly. Moreover, well calculated shifts help users make performance appraisal more efficiently. Idenfit time and attendance management module is a perfect choice for multiple location enterprises.
Hiring qualified workers to meet industry demand becomes critical in energy companies when the job itself requires knowledge and experience. The huge amount of workload in the HR departments in the energy industry is based on finding the right talent and recruiting. Idenfit’s automated solutions and easy to use dashboard allows your hr department to recruit, screen, track, hire, and complete employee verification of the best talents to build a more engaged and productive workforce.